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Jan. 23rd, 2012

blue swirl


Otter and Ferret: A Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy Gift Exchange

Otter & Ferret: A Hermione/Draco Gift Exchange. Sign-ups Open January 15
[community profile] otterandferret | FAQ | 2012 AO3 Collection Profile

Description: Otter and Ferret is an annual Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy gift exchange. Participants submit prompts and create a 1,000+ word story tailored to one or more of another participant's prompts. Gifts are created anonymously, and then shared with the community.

Sign-ups: January 15 - January 30

Works Revealed: April 28

Link: [community profile] otterandferret on Dreamwidth and 2012 AO3 Collection Profile.

Jan. 21st, 2012



Back-tagging done!


I've put a new layout and userpic on the comm, and back-tagged for easy searching for types of content. I've also gotten rid of a few posts. These were very old posts that linked to things that didn't exist anymore, comm promo spam (ie, many posts, not one), and a couple of things from a long time ago that now break the chan rule in the updated comm rules. I can't be flexible on that one, for legal reasons, sorry. I didn't delete any feedback in the process - I've have contacted the poster if that had been the case. 

The tags are pretty comprehensive, and include:

Types of Creative
art / fic / icons / meta-fic / video

angst / childhood pre-romance / crack / friendship / humour / pwp / role-playing / romance

Pairings/Relationships (selected, see tag list for them all)
lucius/harry / lucius/narcissa / lucius/severus / relationship: narcissa-draco 


Jan. 19th, 2012



VID: It's All Over But The Crying (Lucius/Narcissa)

Title: It's All Over But The Crying by Deslea
Music: It's All Over But The Crying by Garbage, from album Bleed Like Me
Pairing(s): Lucius/Narcissa, First and Second War
Rating: PG13 for non-explicit love scene
Summary: The Malfoys stick together through thick and thin, but that doesn't mean they made it through unscathed.
Author's Notes: This video was inspired, indirectly, by a different Lucius creative, Two of a Kind, which paired Lucius and Tonks in a post-war piece centred around the stages of grief, but also explored a loving marriage between Lucius and Narcissa prior to her death. Feedback very much appreciated, particularly as this is a somewhat experimental piece. (I'm aware of a couple of tiny fiddly problems in the manips, but I'm keen to know whether the overall effect worked for you).

Viewing options:

Streamed in HD on my video page, 90MB
Zipped MP4, medium quality, 26MB
Streamed at my Youtube Channel

Jan. 5th, 2012



New Owner! And call for moderators

Dear all

LJ has transferred ownership of this commuity to me, because the prior owner is inactive on LJ and I asked about a post of my own that had not appeared.

I myself am not overly active on LJ and would like to appoint one or more additional users as moderators. One of the key things to be aware of in runnng a comm is that posts with external links may go into a moderation queue and these need to be approved as an anti-spam measure.

So. Any volunteers?

Many thanks

Dec. 25th, 2011



The Prometheus Triptych - Abraxas Malfoy/Tom Riddle, Rated PG to M

Title: The Prometheus Triptych
Author: eldritcher

Warnings: mentions of past child abuse, one scene with corporal punishment, violence, swear words.

Arranged chronologically:
1) A Rhapsody in Riddle (circa 1942): Abraxas Malfoy is mourning the death of his father. Tom Riddle is plotting to open the Chamber. When Abraxas tries to intimidate the Half-blood upstart, little does he realise that his life is going to be irrevocably changed.
Word Count: 12,000. Complete.
Rating: M

2) Prometheus, Prometheus, I will not bind thee (circa 1948) : Abraxas knows what Riddle has been doing to himself. Dumbledore speaks of monsters and Slughorn speaks of Prometheus while Abraxas finds himself conflicted between love and conscience.
Word Count: 6500. Complete.
Rating: M

3) I Will Always Sing for You (circa 1976) : In which Lucius wonders about the origins of his father's cane, Voldemort returns to the country, Abraxas would rather have a Dark Lord by his deathbed than his heir, and Severus is a sulky, ugly teenager with quite a mouth on him.
Word Count: 6100. Complete.
Rating: PG

Sep. 14th, 2011



FIC/ART: Two Of A Kind by Deslea

The four stages of grief are shock, anger, denial, and acceptance. Or: After the war, two unlikely widows find a way to keep on standing. R, Lucius/Narcissa, Remus/Tonks, Lucius/Tonks. AU from mid-battle, canon and non-canon character deaths. About 35,000 words. More fic at http://fiction.deslea.com.

|Part 1: Shock| |Part 2: Anger| |Part 3a: Denial - Lucius| |Part 3b: Denial - Tonks| |Part 4: Acceptance| |Missing Scene: Yuletide Interlude|

Cover art by Deslea, using a base image by Cute-Ruki with kind permission.


Aug. 18th, 2011

planet terror//it's go-go not cry-cry


three fics (all harry/draco but they all feature either lucius, narcissa or both)

title: we're living in a den of thieves
author: cheryl_tunt
pairing: narcissa-centric, but with some definite harry/draco in there (also lucius/narcissa)
genre: gen
warnings: mild language, narcissa-centric so if you don't like her (and how could you not) then this fic is not for you
summary: the malfoys after the war
word count: 4,057

Malfoys don’t abandon each other, and neither do Blacks, and that’s why Narcissa thinks about Sirius and Bella and Meda in the days leading up to her trial. She misses her sisters, has missed Bellatrix ever since her sister broke out of Azkaban and had returned with her mind… changed and has missed Meda ever since she left without a word. Tucking her right thumb to her palm, Narcissa makes a loose fist and vows to make amends with her older sister after her release.


title: your skin is something that i stir into my tea
author: cheryl_tunt
characters/ships: draco malfoy; harry potter/draco malfoy
warnings: angst, possibly (it's very light on that), very light violence and lucius being... well, lucius
rating: pg
genre: general
summary: "Your mother likes to walk with him in the late afternoon. The sun glints off her blonde hair and he is taller than she is, just like you are taller than she is. She rests her hand on his shoulder and she looks so much like a mother and you smile."
word count: 1,097

He calls over his shoulder, “I should have done that when we were eleven” and you think about Hexing him when his back is turned. Your hands are covered with dried mud, dried blood and you stuff them in your pockets. He pulls out your right hand and laces your fingers together.


title: strike another match, go start anew
author: cheryl_tunt
characters/ships: draco malfoy; harry potter/draco malfoy
warnings: drug use (marijuana, nothing hard), language, broken!draco, '90s music
rating: pg-13
genre: angst/humor with a side of friendship
summary: The infuriating thing about Potter, Draco thinks that night when he’s tucked up in bed, is that he’s the only person who isn’t judging him and Draco thinks he might like that. (Or, Draco and Harry become sort of friends and run away together.)
word count: 5,461

After the battle of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy goes to bed for two weeks. Narcissa worries but says nothing. She leaves him trays of food on his bedside table and sits next to him while he watches her through his lashes and waits until she’s away to roll onto his other side and open his eyes.

Aug. 9th, 2011

you better hope


(no subject)

title: royalty doesn’t do funerals
characters: draco, narcissa, lucius (harry potter)
word count: 2.938 words
warnings: post-war
summary: the malfoy household is drinking sorrow tonight.

( the syntax of the king, the queen and the prince. )

Jul. 24th, 2011

Save the goats!


Fic: "1942: A Rhapsody in Riddle", Tom Riddle/Abraxas Malfoy, R

Title: "1942: A Rhapsody in Riddle"
Author: Eldritcher
Rating: R
Length: 12,000 words
Warnings: Caning, crossdressing, mentions of child abuse, nudity without sex
Summary: It's 1942. Abraxas decides to teach that upstart Riddle a lesson. Only, the plan backfires and Abraxas is now obsessed with Riddle.
Caning Riddle is therapeutic. The aftermath isn't. Abraxas wonders why he's obsessed with a mad bastard. Riddle plays Tchaikovsky. Abraxas is not queer, thank you very much, though he appreciates the sight of Riddle in women's clothing.

AN: It's insanity.

Jul. 2nd, 2011



(no subject)

What: 20 Lucius icons

here @ lac_graphics

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